About Simple Meals

Welcome to Simple Meals.  Our mission is simple, provide our friends with recipes and ideas to make simple meals.  All of the recipes/meals require 10 ingredients or less, 60 minutes or less of total time to prep AND cook, but most importantly, will be enjoyed by everyone (we hope).

The Meals

The simple meals we post are a collection of our favorite meals from the folks at AllRecipes, Food Network, Tasty or just our own crazy ideas.  We like to post step by step picture instructions with each post and sometimes even Vlog about what we are making.  We post a new simple meal every 3 days and you can find anything from breakfast to dinner and even a dessert!  Along with the easy to follow step by step instructions we try our best to add the dishes nutrition since we know that is also important :).


We are open and transparent and LOVE to talk.  So if you have any questions or want to share an idea, just contact us here.



Hi, I’m Mike, creator of Simple-Meals.com. As someone who is ALWAYS on the go, I create simple meals with 10 ingredients or less that can usually be prepped and cooked in 60 minutes or less.